Enlightened Darkness

Ime i prezime: Imanol Hernandez & Eneko Oregi


Grad:  San Sebastian


Kratka biografija:

We are both architecture students at ETSASS (University of the Basque Country). One of us had already been to the site in Sarajevo, as part of a trip during an exchange programme in Zagreb (HR), and fell in love with the place. As soon as we got news about the competition we decided to tackle this interesting challenge.

Opis rada

Enlightened Darkness


"The dance between darkness and light will always remain - the stars and the moon

will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will not be worth having

without the moon and the stars."

- C. JoyBell C.


The phrase above shows us the need of valuing the past, in this case a kind of dark

one, in which we find ourselves when working on this architectural element, reminding

us of undesirable moments of destruction. But it is in this situation that the only

possible way out needs to be based in that memory in order to wish for a better, more

calm and brilliant future.


The idea proposed for the development of the renewed bobsledge track, so, is based

on this thought. Thus, taking the track as a base, which shows through its state times

of postwar and no man's land, we suggest to paint over it again, as if we were writing

the future starting from scratch; a blank canvas to draw the future of the people who

visit and live the track at the same time. But, as mentioned before, as we aren not able

to erase the past, we feel the need to also maintain the current state of the track, with

the minimum possible changes. So, the proposed blank canvas becomes black, taking

advantage of night’s darkness, where we can dream of a much more enlightened

reality. The bobsledge track would transform from some interesting abandoned ruins

suggestive of a traumatic past during the day, to a stroll of lights and colors that

present us with a future of light and prosperity at night.


In order to achieve this, different types of shows related to light are proposed, such as

neon lighting throughout the whole walkway. Different types of lights creating

characteristic spaces; spaces from where you can watch the sunset and the

wonderful views of Sarajevo or from where, at the same time, you can perform the

traditional pyrotechnic shows at holidays and celebrations.


Last but not least, taking into account that the inauguration of the new cablecar wants

to bring the track closer to the heart of Sarajevo, and in order to join cultural ties with

the already existing international events, an outdoor cinema is proposed, with

panoramic 180º projections, taking advantage of the curves of the track, and thus

cause an increase in quality to the already prestigious International Film Festival of

Sarajevo, where, as we have already mentioned, the heart of Sarajevo is the most

special prize of the contest.