Human Factory

Ime i prezime: Katarina Bošnjak

Država: Bosna i Hercegovina

Grad:  Sarajevo


Kratka biografija:

Graduated at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo in 2014. Former junior architect at OSNAP, currently teaching assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at University of Sarajevo, Department of City planning. Biggest projects she takes part of through LIFT-spatial initiatives are Days of Architecture and Nights of Architecture. Writer and active member of Association of Architects in B&H. Participant of AAVS Vitanje 2015,producing installation 'KSEVT as playground'-honorable student mention at Piran Days of Architecture 2015. Her MA thesis was nominated for Archiprix International 2017 award.

Opis rada


This project is a metaphorical translation of the experience of life’s spectacle from the interior perspective of the main actor – self, passing through life stages in front of spectators. Life is envisioned as a circular building, built around a lake, from which life begins and where it ends. Life stages are rooms envisioned as collages that contain the main characteristic of each one – personalized rooms for main actor, allowing the wanted and unwanted insight into the rooms. Spectators' area surrounds the building.