Bæd  terri(s)tories

Ime i prezime: Nataša Janković

Država: Srbija

Grad:  Beograd


Kratka biografija:

Nataša Janković is an architect, working in a filed of research, practice and education.
She is in the position of research and teaching associate of the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture and PhD candidate of the University of Belgrade. Her research interests include architectural topographies and transformation in domain of architectural, landscape and territorial aspect of the city. 


bæd  terri(s)tories research project examines an online platform (application) as a tool for designing objects and planning cities from your only (safe) TERRITORY: BED. This is a starting premise for an application that enables us to make a virtual tour through the CITY FROM OUR BED taking one of possible itinerary (virtual tour from bed through the city as one of the interpretation of continuous interior). The idea is to think about the future considering the present by mapping important elements of territory structure as a starting points for future transformation of the city. Considering their present condition, looking back on their past and their position, everyone is invited to suggest the future. In that way BAD STORIES from the past may be transformed in new TERRI(S)TORIES from your bed!
This platform has the aim to connect past with the future within one continuous timeline with focal point on present moment of being down in the bed. At that moment GHOSTS of the past (selected objects) may become DREAMING HOPES of the future.
In this way people and territories are networked through architecture, what creates opportunities for new and unexpected scenarios of the future. This online platform calls for the new stories about the territories that turn nightmares into dreams out of your beds (on the basis of existing and built, but interconnected with dreamed and virtual). In this way, the „famous“ buildings from earlier stories get changed roles in the new stories. The aim of this platform is to document and review as many as possible terri(s)tories.
This (terri)Story starts from Belgrade.
* All illustrations are made by myself with people “borrowed” from http://eugenialoli.tictail.com/about.