Architecture is not about form.

                                Peter Zumthor


I try to create homes, not houses.

                                       Louis Kahn


If we are able to think about architectural spaces as articulated atmospheres, then architectural space cannot be perceived without sensorious experience, physical presence. It is the obsession of today´s society with virtual that sets architecture in the realm of pictures and destinies it to serve spectacle instead of being free to reinvent its own purpose in a changing society.

Creating spaces means creating atmospheres and this „frozen music“ comes alive when experienced in space and movement, with changes of light, bodily interaction with materials and feeling of space as relation of the subject toward objects.

By deconstructing a piece of music into separate elements and positioning the speakers throughout the exhibition space, the visitor is invited to explore sound as an element of spatial atmosphere, and to shape his/her own „sound picture“ by changing the position.

In a similar way, instead of being consumed instantly, architecture is experienced as atmosphere which interacts with the cognitive subject and evokes emotional and sensual responses that are so often „lost in translation“ if we mistake architecture for just a form or picture.


Sound: Basheskia & Edward EQ
Text: Lejla Tahirović
Concept: Belma Zvizdić