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Sarajevo, on the bridge or above the chasm between the west and the east, is an interesting place to recognize the increasingly closed logic of both worlds. A place that has not yet been completely controlled, in which different scenarios are possible. A place where we can imagine some other future. A city waiting for a new authentic culture to be created out of a genuine need...

Days of Architecture Sarajevo and this year’s curator Dinko Peračić invite you to offer your solutions and ideas for the unique Sarajevan “space of freedom”, Bob and sledge track on Trebević mountain.

The bob and sledge track was built during the preparations for the Winter Olympics held in 1984. in Sarajevo. It was planned as part of the sports and recreational park on Trebević, which would also attract visitors to the mountain after the games. The complex was completely built until September 1982. Prof. Gorazd Bučar, together with a group of architects, designed a track in the length of 1570m, that is 1900m with two recreational exit-stop ramps. The track consists of straight sections and 13 curves in the form of prescribed “figures”, with an average longitudinal slope of 10.2% and a maximum of 15%.

After the Olympic Games, the track was used for the World Cup. By subsequently dividing the track into three parts that could be used independently, the facility was adapted for the needs of everyday sledding.

During wartime in 1990s, the track was located on the frontline. The track was significantly damaged and only the concrete trough is left. The war left behind minefields, destruction of objects and the surrounding nature and brought new meaning to the once popular destination near the city. For nearly two decades, this area have had the reputation of a no man’s land, an excess space beyond any jurisdiction. It was in this context that alternative methods of use began to appear, the first being graffiti drawings. Today it is a popular place for walking, running, photography and extreme sports like down-hill cycling. All of this made the track an informal symbol of a post-apocalyptic state and a popular image on social networks.

Thus, the entire space gradually returned to the everyday life of the city. The peak of this comeback is expected on April 6th this year, on the day of the city of Sarajevo, when the opening of the Trebevic cableway that connects the city center with the immediate surroundings of the track is announced. The bob track will be in the heart of the city again!

Can we imagine the new life of this infrastructure? Which are new scenarios for activating this space?

Participants should propose spatial intervention, which will offer
new identity and new forms of use, for bob and sledge track and mountain Trebevic, while taking into account their rich history...


- Project title and description (up to 1500 characters) .TXT
- Minimum 3 graphic materials .JPG 21x21cm 300dpi (photomontage, drawings, collages, diagrams, sketches...)
- Animated .GIF 1000x1000px with all graphic materials
- Author information (name and surname / team name, city/ country, e-mail, short biography up to 500 characters)
Important note: graphics must not contain author’s name.

Call for competition: February 26, 2018
Deadline for submission of works: April 15, 2018 23:59h
Results: April 25, 2018
Entries should be submitted via:

The competition is international, idea and single-stage. Open to students and young proffesionals under the age of 35. Architects, designers, multimedia artists, photographers and others are welcome to apply.

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Participants of the competition can submit their works in: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and English language.

Dinko Peračić (Croatia)
Marija Simović (Studio Simović, Serbia)
Kenan Vatrenjak (Filter arhitektura, B&H)
Katarina Bošnjak (Lift - spatial initiatives, B&H)

All submitted projects will be published at Days of Architecture website and social media, and exhibited within program of Days of Architecture 2018. The expert jury will select 7 best projects. Selected authors will be invited to present their projects at Days of Architecture 2018 and will be provided with accommodation in Sarajevo and tickets for all events within the festival. After presentations, the expert jury and audience will select the best project for the award 300 EUR. Selected projects will be potentially presented in public media and to the municipality.

Days of Architecture Sarajevo http://www.daniarhitekture.ba
LIFT - spatial initiatives http://l-i-f-t.org

AABH http://www.aabh.ba
Designed http://www.designed.rs
Časopis Tristotrojka http://www.facebook.com/tristotrojka
Istraživački centar za prostor http://icprostor.wordpress.com

Ivan Ramadan, Kenan Muslić,
Irhana Šehovi